Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Measuring weight

Today we continued our study on measurement. We have learned about height, length and weight. Students used mini balance scales and a ball of clay to problem solve how to make the scale balance. They were very creative in their problem solving and worked cooperatively with a partner.

Learning about Native Americans

Last week we continued our study on the Native American Indians. We learned about the Lakota Sioux tribe, where they lived, their shelter and the food that was available for them to eat. Because they were nomadic they lived in teepees allowing them to quickly put up and take down their shelter.  I cannot believe how much information these kindergarten students have taken in and remembered. Great job!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friends forever!

More Measurement

Also this week we talked about measuring the length of an object. Many of us are still using bigger and smaller. We will continue to practice using words like longer and shorter than. Check out our artwork that helped us learn vocabulary words for comparing height and length. Also, each student received a mystery bag with many objects inside to meaure and sort using length.

Marvelous Math with Measurement

This week we started our next module on measurement. First we talked about height and using words like taller than and shorter than. Check out this picture of us in order from shortest to tallest.