Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sorting 2d and 3d shapes

Today the students received a bag full of goodies for snack. After a lesson on identifying  solid and flat shapes their final task was to sort their goodies and discuss their sorting rule.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Eating Solid Shapes

Today we learned about solid shapes while using what we already know about foods that we enjoy eating. We compared and contrast solid shapes and flat shape. So much fun!

It takes a whole lot more than just a pencil and paper

Michael is working very hard on his journal. We use tools like a slant board to help us with our handwriting.

Jazzy Journal Time

Today our friend Beckett shared his journal. He wrote "If I were a gingerbread man I would go on the roof." He completed his journal by adding an excellent illustration.

Caring with our Whole Body

Mr Potato Head reminds us how important it is to listen with your entire body.

Interactive Bulletin Board

In order to make science come alive and connect to our everyday learning we created an interactive vocabulary bulletin board based around our theme and our learning on plants.

Bubble Gum Behavior

I have always had a red yellow green light behavior plan, but this year with so many empathetic and caring children I felt that it was necessary to acknowledge and recognize them for going above and beyond. The bubble gum behavior was put in place and we are seen kindergarten friends go above and beyond to do great things.

Daily Schedule

As we all know most kindergarten students do best with a scheduled routine. Our schedule is posted daily so that students can refer to it throughout the day.

Welcome to Shapeville

The students worked really hard to build a village out of the different shapes that we have been learning about. It was so exciting to see their creativity and enthusiasm for connecting they're learning to what they know about the world around them.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Taking a quick brain break!

Our new brain break includes moving our cups through shapes without knocking them over with only a straw and our own hot air. The students had so much fun and it was great to see them cheering each other on.

What do marshmallows and vertices have in common?

The students really enjoyed learning about sides and vertices of with toothpicks and marshmallows. I can't believe how quick they picked up the vocabulary AND continue to use it throughout the day when finding different shapes.

Eating With Shapes

The past several weeks we have been learning about flat and solid shapes. We have been learning about their sides and vertices. The students were very surprised to find out that a square is a special kind of a rectangle because it has equal opposite sides. After learning about flat shapes we enjoyed a little snack!